Smiling patients are always seen in our office.  Our unconditional commitment to excellence in all we do coupled with caring and compassion makes each patient experience a great dental appointment.   At Endodontic Specialists of Northeast Oklahoma, when a referring doctor puts their patients treatment in our hands, we become an extension of the kind of care they give to their patients. Patients feel confident knowing we review the referring doctor’s clinical assessment and familiarize ourselves with the patients case before they sit in our chair. Our team works together bringing you the finest level of specialty dental care.

We began in 1989 with a single endodontist and have grown to a practice with 2 full time endodontists.  From the beginning our practice mission statement reflected our commitment to Endodontic Excellence and Compassionate Care.  As technology has enabled root canal procedures to be more efficient, predictable and less stressful on patients our office has embraced and grown with new techniques and state-of-the-art equipment.  In the community we are known for our charitable outreach and volunteer efforts in dental events.