About your health


Standard root canal treatment is just like any other dental treatment. To protect your health we need to know about any medical problems you may have. Important areas include: any heart problems, any reason you might be a patient that takes an antibiotic pre-medication, high blood pressure, or allergies to medication or latex. When you call to make an appointment with our office please be sure and mention any medical conditions that you feel we should know about.

Should I eat before my appointment?

We recommend keeping your normal routine.  There is no reason to fast before coming to our office and you will probably feel better if you are not hungry. You should eat something before a treatment appointment to minimize the possibility of chewing or doing damage to a numb part of your mouth. The numbness sensation may last several hours after you leave our office.

Should I take my medicine before my appointment?

You should always take prescribed medicine as directed and not stop taking it unless we have specifically directed you to stop.  Pain medication can skew diagnostic testing.  If you are having a toothache it is helpful not to be taking pain meds if you are coming to our office for evaluation.  Please ask for more information when you call.

Does someone need to drive me?

This personal choice is your decision.  Most of our patients go back to work or resume their normal activity immediately following their appointment.  On the patients perspective our treatments are similar to having a cavity filled; we just numb the tooth we will be working on so you will have a numb part of your mouth when you leave.

Do you put people to sleep?

No, we do not.  We do offer nitrous oxide 'laughing gas' and have found over the years that this sufficiently helps people with dental anxiety have successful appointments.

How long will it take?

Most treatments take about an hour or so. You should plan and make arrangements to be here about an hour and a half, that will allow time to fill out paperwork, perform work-up diagnostic tests, complete an evaluation, explain insurance coverage, make financial arrangements and checkout.  Consultations take on average about 30 minutes.

The nature of endodontics means occasionally we need to spend more time with a patient than initially anticipated. We appreciate your understanding Quality of Care is our top priority.

Do I have to be referred by a general dentist?

We feel it is in your best interest to have a general dentist see you, identify your dental problem, and refer you to our office.  We encourage you to call us and ask questions if you do not have a general dentist and need information.